Welcum to me bloggy fing.

Now I knowz wot yoo is finkin... wot da blinking bonkers, ecky thump is going on ere!!!  Well let me intwoduce meself.  My name is Jess.T.Border, as yoo can see fwom my piccy fing der... I woz vewy cute wen I woz a furz pup. I am wot is known as a BT.  Now dat is "Borda Tewwia" to da hoomins, dey are da dude's dat luks afta us BTs.  Dey fink dey are in charge, but dey is not... we juss let dem fink dat so we get lots ov noms an lots ov zoomins.

Now den, its not eezy for a BT to get noms.  First up, us BTs don't av any pockets for da hoofunds to buy noms.  Second up, we can't even weach da door to get out ov da blinkin hoocave in da first place.  Fird up, oh neva mind... too many up's!!  pfft!  Us BTs are vewy cleva, all we do is da cute face fing an da hoomins fall for it evewy time... wesult! *paw punch*

I do luv zoomin wiv da hoomins, well I zoom, dey plod... pfft! *rolls eye* Dis is me bonkerz wock pools dat I like to dunk in.

Now I know wot yoo iz finkin as yoo read dis, how does a BT do a bloggy!  Well hoomin dude, it's simple... I do be watchin my hoodad do lots of fings on webbysites.  Sum stuff he duz boggle's my ickle noggin, but I fink I gets da idea.

Now I dun lots ov zoomin time on da webbynet, wen da hoomins are makin big noise wiv der eyes shut.  Dey fink I is in me snuggle pit givin it ickle noise.  Wish I woz sumtimez, hoomum toots fwom boaf ends... PING... PONG!!  I ave me own emale so yoo can send me pichurz an fings froo space.  I've even bin on ebuygum to see if I cud upgwade me hoomins.  Ebuygum don't do hoomin upgwades...  wubbish! *rolls eyes*

While on da webbynet, I fort I'd av a luk to see if i cud find any pals to bark wiv.  Well... shave me hairy butt, wot did I find!!  I tell yoo wot I find hoomin, i find dat fing all furz are barkin about... Twitta.  It's fandabbytastic!!  So now I ave me own Twitta webbysite.  If yoo is wealy bored, or if yoo ave juss bin to see da vetty dude. Yoo know, *whipsers* an had a fing up yor botty coz... nuff said! Den Twit me.  Dis is me Twitta link fingy @JessTBorder

While i woz skimmin on da Twitta webbysite, yoo neva believe dis... i find fousands ov BTs.  It woz billy bonkerz!!  I did sum big zoomins awound da hoocave, hoodad neva told me he had so many BTs dat live in his pooter!!

Afta many finkin an Twittin on me BT pooter, I find a furz gwoop dat mr @claptonterrier cweated. I ask, can ickle Jess join? I do make lots ov furz pals. Der are sum rite funny furs, made me BOL so much... neawly choke on me noms!  I is so appy to find dem, I now part ov da #BTPosse. I got a badge an necky unifowm fing to put it on.  So pwoud *puffs out chest*.

Check out me uvver stuff on da tabs above...


  1. Pawsome werk my young pal...

    1. Fankoo Mr Marley, vewy kind. *puffs chest*

    2. Dis be Lucy ere @LucyLooBT we iz fwends..I az jus wed your bloggyfing and u give me da giggles! Duz dat be Wobin Uds Bay by neer chanse? Xx

    3. Fankoo fankoo Lucy, giggles is wot it all about :)